Winterization of your lawn mower

“Proper winterization of lawn and landscape power equipment is crucial. Winterization prepares the equipment for a winter nap. Follow these simple steps to ensure the equipment will start next spring.

• Read the owner’s manual. What are the maker’s recommendations for maintenance?

• Remove the fuel. Add a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank and then run the machine to distribute the stabilizer throughout the system. Once the machine has cooled, siphon the remaining gas from the tank. Do not save siphoned gas, use it in the snow blower. The chemical additives in gas degrade with time. The alcohol or ethanol separates out and can dissolve plastic and rubber parts in the fuel system. It can attract moisture, which causes rust on metal parts. Draining the fuel tank before winter is the most important step to maintaining equipment. One last comment on gas — I always use 91 octanes, and I try to get it without ethanol.”

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