Why it’s important for your lawn mowers blades to be regularly sharpened

“Think about the difference between the times you shave with a brand-new razor blade compared to when you are trying to get one last shave out of an old blade. With an old blade, your skin is more prone to cuts, infection, and irritation. When you use a brand-new blade, you get a nice, clean shave.

The same thing happens with your grass. If the blades are dull or nicked, it will smash the edge of the grass blade, leaving a torn end rather than a clean cut. This torn end will usually turn brown a few days after mowing and become more susceptible to pests and diseases. But if the blades are nice and sharp, the grass will get a clean cut, with greatly reduced damage and stress.”

Read more on keeping your mower blades sharp here.

Once the spring season begins it’s a good idea to give your lawn mower blades a thorough inspection. You’ll want to look for any defects such as any dents or unnatural bends. Any such occurrences may lead to the blade becoming unbalanced which likely will cause further damage. Also, before you start mowing your lawn, do a walkthrough to see if rocks or other obstructions are present. Nothing is worse than hearing that loud cracking sound of the blade hitting a foreign object.

At Robbinsdale Marine, we sharpen lawn mower blades as well as other lawn maintenance tools. Visit our blade sharpening page to learn more or call us at 763-533-0300 with any questions you may have.

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