When to use a trimmer mower versus a lawn mower

Use a lawn mower for cutting defined lawns and other areas that are maintained regularly. If you need to cut more than 8 to 10 inches off, you’re getting out of range of what a lawn mower is designed for.

Keep in mind a lawn mower’s ability to side discharge if you’re cutting overgrown grass. Once you have it under control, you can bag or mulch to get that even, cultivated look back to your lawn.

Trimmer mowers do their best work in reclaiming overgrown areas that are too tall for a lawn mower’s fully enclosed deck. The height of the grass isn’t the question—only the thickness of the stalks. Thanks to the open front section, a trimmer mower is great for trimming under fences and into areas that a lawn mower’s deck and engine placement can’t reach.

Trimmer mowers are better for areas of field rather than maintained lawns. The trade-off for their much greater cutting range is a rougher finished cut compared to what you can get from a lawn mower blade.”

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For the average homeowner, a lawn mower will work just fine for cutting grass that is semi-regularly maintained. However, if you’ve recently purchased a home where there is a lot of overgrowth consider getting a trimmer mower. When the area no longer looks like a jungle you can swap for a mower to get the job done once every week or two.

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