What are the costs of maintaining a boat?

If you have spent a couple of weekends with a rental boat or had a great time on a friend’s or family’s boat, you may have decided that you would get a boat of your own. But you might be wondering what type of boat you should get?

According to Mint Intuit, the most common mistake people make when buying a boat is only focusing on the labeled price of the boat presented for sale. It is often advisable to also consider the additional costs associated with boat ownership, including:

1. Fuel and Other Operating Costs

Regardless of the size, age and model, boats usually consume a lot of fuel, about 8-12 gallons per hour of boat operation for a single-engine model. The fuel price at a marina costs about $1,300 more than fueling at a filling station.

2. Trailer

A trailer purchase is usually an inevitable and essential component for most smaller boats. This is because, at some point, you will have to haul your boat in and out of the water. In some cases, the price of a trailer is usually included in the final price of the boat you are purchasing, and sometimes, it is considered an entirely separate purchase.”

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While the above costs are certainly the most expensive there are other factors to considere too. These include winterization, storage, equipment & accessories, and regular maintenance. It’s important to understand that costs can add up quickly when factoring all of these necessities.

Repair is also another cost that may arise unexpectedly. Robbinsdale Marine offers competitive prices when it comes to outboard engine and trailer repair. Call us at 763-533-0300 to learn more.

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