Use common sense when clearing your snow blower

“Dr. John Alexis, director of the emergency department at Central DuPage Hospital, can’t stress this enough: Do NOT stick your hand in the snowblower chute to clear clogs.

‘I have no idea why they would do that,’ he said.

Even when the blowers are turned off, the auger and impeller can have enough residual belt tension to make them move, according to Consumer Reports.

By noon Monday, the Winfield hospital had treated three people who lost fingers that way, and several others with severe lacerations. In many cases, Alexis said, fingers amputated by snowblowers are too damaged to reattach.”

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If you’re determined to clear a clog, be certain that the snow blower is off for one. Next use a long stick to help clear any debris or buildup in the chute. It may take a little longer, but is a lot more safe than risking losing some digits.

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