Understanding the difference between snow blowers and snow throwers

A snow blower is more powerful than a snow thrower.

A snow thrower is single-stage machine, meaning it gathers snow and tosses it out a chute in a single motion. The power generated by a horizontal spinning auger picks up the snow while also creating the force that expels snow out of a discharge chute, usually to a distance of 15 to 25 feet away.

A snow blower works in two stages; like a snow thrower, it has a rotating auger to scoop up snow, but the snow is then fed into an impeller, which is akin to a powerful fan that launches the snow up to 35 feet away, or farther. At the even more powerful end of the snow blower spectrum are three-stage blowers that feature accelerators that chew through hard-packed snow and even ice, crushing it and feeding it into a mighty impeller that can launch snow up to 50 feet away.”

Read more about the difference between the two here.

One of the major advantages of snow blower is that they cover more area in a single pass than a snow throw. If you’re looking to remove large amounts of snow, that could take a while with a snow thrower. If snow accumulation is light then a snow throw is a good option. However, unless another storm is on the way, it will most likely melt in a day or two anyhow.

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