Understanding the components of an outboard engine

Outboard Engine Cowl

The outboard cowl or hood protects the powerhead and its components from immersion. A rubberized gasket around the base of the cowl and compression latches seal out water.

Outboard Engine Powerhead

Under the cowl is the powerhead — the engine and its components, such as the electronic fuel-injection system, electronic control module, alternator, starter, cable ports and, in the case of a two-stroke, oil-injection system.

Outboard Motor Throttle and Shift

While some new outboards feature “fly-by-wire” digital throttle-and-shift systems, many still utilize mechanical cables from the helm to the powerhead, and these require periodic inspection and lubrication.

Outboard Engine Fuel System

Virtually all outboards burn gasoline, and most feature the convenience of electronic fuel injection (EFI), which is vastly superior to the carburetors of yesteryear. EFI outboards are easy to start, require little warm-up time, and offer improved fuel efficiency.”

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Of course, there are many more parts of outboard engines such as the propeller and shaft. In order to get the most life out of your engine, proper care and maintenance are necessary. This is especially important for higher-end outboard engines which run the cost of thousands of dollars for purchase and installation.

At Robbinsdale Marine we offer outboard engine repair which includes rebuilds, prop repair and more. Call us at 763-533-0300 to learn more about this service.

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