Toro unveils new line of snow blowers for large lots

“The new POWER TRX HD Snow Blowers from Toro are ideal for large lots and driveways and designed with improved power steering capabilities and stability. The 28” POWER TRX HD commercial snow blower has a wide 28” clearing width, and the 32” POWER TRX HD commercial snow blower covers still more territory with a 32” clearing width.

POWER TRX HD units feature a hydrostatic-powered transmission for self-propelled operation, and the track drive grips the surface for stability and traction on tough terrain and slopes. Toro’s Infinitely Variable Speed gives the operator total control over the machine’s speed and makes it a breeze to change speeds on the go.”

Read more about this new model from toro here.

According to Toro, the TRX HD Snow Blower is ideal for people who have steep driveways with its quick-adjust lever. Since this snow blower is self-propelled, you won’t have to work up much of a sweat to clear a large amount of snow. It’s said that the TRX can clear snow as deep as 20″ and can throw the snow up to 60 feet in some cases.

At Robbinsdale Marine, we’ve serviced many Toro snow blowers. Our snow blower repair service includes complete parts for most makes and models. Call us at 763-533-0300 or visit our snow blower repair page for more information.

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