Tips to keep your small engine running smoothly

“Battery-powered yard tools are taking over, but it’s not quite the end for gasoline and small engines. You can keep yours running smoothly for years with regular maintenance and some inside knowledge.

Feed your machine fresh air

  • Small engines need clean air. A clean air filter allows maximum airflow and the optimum fuel/air mixture. You can and should clean the air filter.
  • If the air filter is too far gone, or if it’s made of paper and it’s clogged, it needs to be replaced.

Always use new gas

  • Small engines love fresh fuel. If your can of gasoline has been sitting around for more than four months, recycle that old gas.
  • Ethanol blends have an even shorter life. Through oxidation and evaporation, gasoline becomes less combustible. That leads to poor performance, rough idling and varnish deposits.”

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Other helpful tips include checking the spark plugs to ensure the electrical current is working. Sometimes they may just need to be cleaned if only a slight brown appearance is present. Speaking of cleaning, it’s crucial that your carburetor is free of gunk and other debris. Sometimes a good thorough cleaning will fix the problem instead of an outright replacement.

Robbinsdale Marine provides small engine repair for a variety of equipment. Call us at 763-533-0300 to learn more about this service we offer.

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