Thief cuts grass before stealing homeowner’s lawnmower

“A man in Texas is accused of stealing a lawn mower but made sure to cut the homeowner’s grass before he left.

The Port Arthur Police Department posted security video of the man taking the lawn mower.

The video shows him cutting the homeowner’s front and back yard before running away when officers arrived.

Police say he dragged the lawn mower as he ran and ultimately left it in an alley to evade an arrest.

Officers are looking for the man for an outstanding warrant for burglary of a building.”

Watch the full video here.

Just when you’ve thought you’ve heard or seen of the most ridiculous crimes committed, this happens. Perhaps this thief thought he was being slick by pretending to perform lawn care before running away with the mower. Or maybe he just really had an impulse that couldn’t be avoided! Regardless, it was all captured on film and if he is ever brought to justice the question everyone will be asking is, why did you mow the lawn?

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