The several types of boat trailer guides

This style of guide has adjustable metal brackets that clamp onto your boat trailer. Then there are PVC posts that stick upward vertically. The goal is for the posts to be visible above the water when you back your trailer down a ramp.

This style of guide similarly attaches to your trailer as the posts with an adjustable bracket. Instead of a PVC post, the rollers are nine to 12 inches in size. They’re made of non-marking rubber to protect your boat. This style of guide works well with larger boats because they’re sturdy and durable. You’ll want to buy the correct size that matches the size of your boat. Their downside is that they’re harder to see than the other post styles.

This style of guide uses the standard adjustable bracket that hooks and locks down onto your trailer frame. Typically they’re made from planks of wood that are wrapped in carpet. You’ll then adjust their height to accommodate your boat’s size and the depth of your hull. The longer the guides are, the more support brackets you’ll need to support the weight of your larger boat.”

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A boat trailer guide is extremely helpful for preventing hull damage when loading your boat onto your boat trailer. Furthermore, you want to ensure your boat is centered as best as possible on the trailer. That’s where having guides that you can easily see come in handy. Guides should also help make the whole loading and unloading process a lot quicker.

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