Storing and winterizing your outboard engine hassle-free

“Evinrude E-TEC outboards are, by far, the easiest motors to winterize. If you have one of the E-TEC G2 motors, you simply back your boat into the water, or hook up a hose for cooling. You then select “Winterize” from your digital display, and the motor will automatically winterize itself in just 90 seconds. The motor will automatically shut itself off and you’re winterized and ready for storage.

This is where E-TEC G2 motors blow competitor engines out of the water.

Say you unexpectedly get a bonus fishing day in the middle of November, but you already took your boat to the dealership to have it winterized. With an E-TEC G2, you don’t have to live in fear of those days any longer. You could pull your boat out of the garage and be on the water in minutes, and then easily winterize your engine again after you wrap up at the end of the day.”

Read more about the winterization of outboard engines here.

The benefits of winterization for your boat and outboard engine are mostly about limiting the potential damage of cold weather. It’s not a lengthy or complicated process, but if neglected, it can have catastrophic results. If you have a large storage area such as a garage or barn, very little effort is required to keep your boat safe. Otherwise, you may need to get creative such as using shrink wrap.

At Robbinsdale Marine, we sell pre-owned and rebuilt outboard engines including those from Evinrude. If you’re in the market for purchasing an outboard engine, we’d be happy to answer any questions about winterization as it pertains to our inventory. Call us at 763-533-0300 or visit our outboard engine page for more information.

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