Sprinter season is here

“Sprinter” is the Intermountain West season that lasts from March 15 to May 15. Unlike the arbitrary Gregorian calendar that can’t even decide when Easter is, Sprinter addresses reality. One day you can be driving in a whiteout, and the next jogging in shorts and a tank top. For the record, Easter will be celebrated on April 16; 20 days later than last year. Talk about your spring forward.

At the same time New England is experiencing record snowstorms, we are experiencing record snow melt. How deep will Dry Lake be this year? Is the drought over? Do those pumps they built on the Great Salt Lake in 1984 still work? Will the Bonneville Salt Flats be available for speedboat records this year? Sprinter and the tax code are confusing and brutal.

You can’t put away the snow blower, and you can’t awake the grumpy lawn mower from its winter hibernation. Small engine repair services rejoice.”

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