Sharpening your chainsaw blade the correct way

“In this video, Canadian Steve of “Steve’s Small Engine Saloon” spends 19 minutes talking about how to sharpen a chainsaw chain, covering the ins and outs pretty well. He even covers the “raker” or depth gauge, which isn’t something you hear about in every saw-sharpening tutorial.

One thing I feel he got wrong was that he says it doesn’t matter what angle you sharpen at, as long as you sharpen every tooth at the same angle. In my opinion, it does matter — you want to match the factory angle for your chain. Aside from that, I think he does a pretty good job here.”

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While it’s certainly possible to sharpen your own chainsaw blade, it can be quite time-consuming. Also, unless you’re experienced you might end up making things worse. Instead of attempting to do it on your own, why not bring your chainsaw to a professional?

At Robbinsdale Marine, we’re experts at sharpening chainsaw blades, no matter what brand you have. Bring it into our shop for service and we’ll make it like new again! For more information, call us at 763-533-0300 or visit our chainsaw sharpening page.

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