Secure your boat trailer to help prevent theft with these tips

“A boat on a trailer, or simply the trailer itself, is an easy grab for a thief. Numerous coupler locks are sold, but we question their effectiveness for theft prevention. After all, a crook doesn’t really need the hitch. She can simply chain the trailer to her tow vehicle and drive away with it. With that pleasant thought in mind, here are five ways to prevent boat-trailer theft.

1. A chain and padlock run through the vents of the wheel and around the trailer frame are relatively effective. Remember, even a healthy preteen can cut ¼-diameter chain with bolt cutters. We recommend using chain with links made from at least ½-diameter wire.

2. A wheel boot, like those used by parking-enforcement agencies, can be an effective way to deter trailer thieves.

3. Preventative parking can be an effective theft deterrent. If the tow vehicle is secure, back the trailer tight up against a tree, fence or retaining wall if one is handy at your launch site.”

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As an extreme measure removing a wheel from the trailer may fend off would-be thieves. Although it is not very practical. As an alternative to the above measures, an anti-theft alarm and a GPS tracker will make a great deterrent with the possibility of locating your tailer should it be unfortunately stolen.

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