Scammer jailed for stealing money on fraudulent boat engine sale

“A Bratt woman is facing a felony charge after allegedly selling a boat motor online but never delivering it to the buyer.

Tammy Sue Amerson, 50, was charged with felony grand theft.

Amerson listed a 2012 Mercury 150 horsepower outboard motor as for sale on Facebook for $7,000, according to the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office. She sold the motor to an out of town victim, and he paid her an agreed upon total of $6,000, an arrest report states.

Investigators reported that they obtained emails, Facebooks posts, pictures, text messages and a signed bill of sale sent between Amerson and the victim. Amerson and victim communicated several time between his final payment on February 27 and March 11, when the ECSO says she stopped communicating with him.”

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Purchasing anything sight unseen always carries a certain amount of risk. Expensive items such as a boat engine should be even more concerning for the buyer. Generally, the issue that worries most people is a defect or fault in that particular product that isn’t disclosed. However, in some cases, a “seller” might try to pull a fast one and list an item they don’t actually own. This is why it is always best to purchase expensive items on the spot or at least view them in person before buying.

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