Preparing your outboard engine for winterization

“It’s important that you winterize your outboard for off-season storage. By winterizing your outboard, you’ll help ensure that your outboard is ready when you’re ready to go fishing next spring.

Step 1: You’ll want to flush your engine with clean, fresh water and let the water completely drain from the engine, washing any dirt, grease, etc. from the exterior of the engine.

Step 2: Drain all fuel from the fuel hoses, fuel pump and carburetor and after completing the fresh water flush as mentioned above, disconnect the fuel line at the motor and continue running the motor until it runs out of gas.

It’s important that all of the fuel has been drained from the carburetor otherwise any fuel-oil mixture remaining will evaporate and leave deposits, the varnish, that gums up the carburetor.”

To read further details on these steps go here.

You’ll also want to use storage oil on your outboard engine to help prevent any rust. Most manufacturers suggest about 2 ounces of oil per cylinder. What position you store your motor in is very important too. You want to ensure that it is stored vertically. Following steps like these will help prolong the life of your motor.

At Robbinsdale Marine we offer winterization of all makes and models of outboard engines. Call us at 763-533-0300 or visit our outboard engine repair page for more information.

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