Preparing your lawnmower for summer usage

“Lawn mowers are tough. Like any machine, though, they need regular maintenance to run their best. Worse, neglect can cause a mower to fail completely. So before the summer mowing season really kicks into high gear, prep your mower right. From cleaning it to changing the oil to sharpening and balancing its blades, this guide lays out steps to get your mower — and your garden — in tip-top shape.

Step 1: Gather what you need
First gather your tools and equipment. You’ll need a power drill, eye protection, work gloves and a blade sharpening kit. The kit should come with a ceramic blade sharpener and balancer. Expect to pay about $8 for the kit at your local hardware store. You’ll also need a torque wrench (or a socket wrench in a pinch) and a wooden block. Consider having a rubber mallet on hand too.”

Read all the steps and tips here.

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