Police chip in to buy replacement lawnmower stolen from 14-year old boy

“A 14-year-old boy in Evansville got a lawnmower for his birthday, but it was stolen over the weekend. That got the attention of the Evansville Police Department (EPD).

The boy has lots of elderly neighbors and he would mow their lawn for free. Several EPD officers decided to pitch in some of their own money and buy the boy a new lawnmower.

“After gathering contributions from fellow west sector officers, Officer Seibert ran to Lowe’s and purchased a new lawnmower and gas can for this young man,” the department said in a Facebook post Monday.

That post also came with a photo of two officers (Seibert and Officer Siegel) with the boy.

“EPD has many selfless officers that don’t want the notoriety when they do good deeds, but it’s often hard for us to overlook. Thank you, Officer Seibert and Officer Siegel for proving what great officers our community has,” the post continued.”

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What’s remarkable is that this boy wasn’t even looking to make some money as a seasonal summer business. He was performing a good will service by mowing neighbors lawns free of charge. So when a thief stole the lawnmower, in essence, they were robbing the community too. Thankfully, some local police officers took notice and decided among themselves to offer a solution.

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