Outboard engine sales soar during pandemic in 2020

“Over 330,000 new outboards found their way to customers in 2020, accounting for the highest sales volume in 20 years, and an increase of 18% over 2019.

“The heightened interest in boating amid the COVID-19 pandemic helped to propel outboard engine sales to historic levels last year as more Americans took to the water, on a new boat or repowering a pre-owned boat with a new engine,” stated Vicky Yu, NMMA director of business intelligence.

What’s particularly interesting to note is that retail sales of outboard engines were up across all horsepower segments, with growth ranging between 6% and 38%.”

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When people have limited social options it should come as no surprise that they look to other isolated activities to fill the void. Boating definitely fits that criteria where occupants are usually close friends or families. A 20 year high in sales is an incredible feat and it goes to show how enthusiasm for boating can not be deterred.

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