Need a lawn mower? Don’t wait too long before warmer weather comes

“Monday was the first full day of spring, and warm weather will likely remind many that its time for the first mow.

But lawn mowers are going through the same-old supply-chain story that snow throwers, cars, bicycles and most over items have gone through. Small parts needed to make them are hard to come by, and orders are slow to come in.

Kruse said his store faced similar issues in 2021. Most equipment now costs 10% more, and the reasons for delays include geopolitical issues, labor shortages and a lack of small engines.

Gordon Gough, president and CEO of the Ohio Council of Retail Merchants, said issues are spread across large and small retailers. He said supply-chain issues haven’t been resolved and retailers are still seeing delays of various products.

As lawn mowers get more complex, there’s more parts needed and more links in the supply chain to worry about, he explained.

Some manufacturers have more units than others, and some retailers may change who they buy from to get in product.”

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While owning a lawnmower makes perfect sense for many homeowners. The fact is, people tend to replace them when it is unnecessary. In a lot of cases, repair is possible and will save you money that you’d spend purchasing a new mower. In fact, it’s likely you can get many more years of use after these repairs!

At Robbinsdale Marine, we offer lawn mower repair for most makes and models. Call us at 763-533-0300 and let us know what is wrong with your lawn mower. Our service technicians are ready and willing to assist!

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