Mowing tips for a happy and healthy lawn


Mowing height is essential for a healthy lawn. Bluegrass and tall fescue lawns are best mowed at 3 inches or better yet 3 1/2 inches. Mowing height is abused more than any other practice.

There are many benefits to mowing your lawn at a higher height. Additional leaf surface increases photosynthesis, resulting in more energy. It shades the soil from the summer sun, keeping it cooler and conserving moisture, which improves root growth.


There is no need to catch grass clippings. Clippings do not spread disease, insects or cause a thatch build-up. Grass clippings are primarily composed of water. On a sunny day, they quickly dehydrate, filtering into the soil. That’s when nature takes over and it becomes compost, returning organic matter and recycling nitrogen fertilizer back into the lawn. Grass clippings return about a fourth of the nitrogen fertilizer applied, slowly feeding the roots and naturally improving growth.”

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Other tips include how frequent you should mow your lawn. The general consensus is that how often you mow should be determined by the rate of growth of your grass, not based on a schedule. Weather can greatly affect the growth of grass and mowing too frequently or not enough may cause more harm than good. Also, mowing in different directions is best so that the blades of grass are more apt to stand up right instead of laying down.

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