Man uses blowtorch to kill weeds, starts massive fire

“A man using a blowtorch to clear weeds in a mobile home community accidentally started a fire that forced dozens of residents to temporarily evacuate.

The blaze began Wednesday around 5:15pm in Green Oak Township, Michigan, about 50 miles from Detroit. According to Fire Chief Kevin Gentry, the fire began in a shed, but when firefighters arrived just a minute later, it had already spread to one trailer, and then another. In all three units were damaged.

At least one resident lost their home and their pet, reports Fox 2 in Detroit.”

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One really dumb idea created a path of destruction and left some residents homeless. It’s really astounding the things that people will do to save them trouble and a little inconvenience. You’d think that common sense would prevail in these situations. Unfortunately, it usually ends up being too little too late.

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