Man avoids serious injury and attempted robbery using weed wacker

“A man avoided a serious stab wound by countering his attacker with a garden tool, police say.

The victim was using a weed trimmer Friday morning near Second Street. He told police that two men walked up, demanding property from him. One of the strangers had a knife.

Police say the victim used the weed trimmer to strike the man holding the knife, and the man scratched the victim with his blade.

The victim grabbed the knife and left the area to call the cops. He refused medical treatment, and police say the injury was superficial.”

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Unfortunately, we’ve seen far too many cases where people have used a weed wacker to attack others. In this instance, it was by a man used to defend himself. Using a weed wacker for anything other than what it is intended for can have deadly consequences. It is not a toy or something to be taken lightly.

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