Lawn mowing tips to help garden wildlife

“We asked RHS Chief Horticulturalist Guy Barter to share his expert tips on how to mow your lawn to give your garden wildlife the best chance of thriving throughout the year…

1. Keep a variety of lengths
“Variation is important for garden wildlife,” says Guy.

2. Create mown paths
“Allowing at least some of the grass to grow tall, perhaps with mown paths through the taller areas, is highly beneficial to wildlife and brings advantages to gardeners too,” says Guy, who reminds us that a rich garden ecosystem can keep pests under control naturally.

3. Make hay while the sun (still) shines
Guy suggests that allowing our cuts to turn into hay is great for seed-eating birds. He explains: “After any wildflowers have finished in late summer, mowing restores the grass, with perhaps another mowing before winter to prevent tussocks.”

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Another suggestion to help support garden wildlife is to compost grass mowings. This will reduce soil fertility and make it so that wildflowers and clovers have room to grow which will entice wildlife. You could also try leaving some weeds in place instead of plucking them where the mower missed.

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