Know the limits of your boat trailer before you take it on the road

“When Mike Gerald resurrected his Airline Highway business up and running after the devastating 2016 flood, he deep-down believed things his business would change.

They haven’t.

Earlier this week, and mixing in recounting the eight months it took him and his crew to rebuild and re-equip MG’s Trailer Depot, he said he continues to see the problems boat owners have with the thing that moves them from home to water — their trailers.

‘They need to understand boat dealers, not all, will put the very minimum underneath a boat they’re selling,” Gerald said. “What’s not factored in is adding options, trolling motors, batteries, gas, ice chests, ice, fish, Cokes, water. That’s when most people get in a jam.'”

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The additional weight that isn’t considered is what can lead to problems on the road. This is why you should be acutely aware of the maximum load capacity of your trailer. Of course, it’s important to make sure the boat is properly hitched too.

If your boat trailer has sustained damage from traveling or otherwise, contact us today about our trailer repair services. Our services include roller repair, trailer lighting, and electrical repair. Our goal is to help you get back to boating as soon as possible!

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