It goes without saying, never use your hand to clear a snow blower

““We have at least one or two each year where someone sticks their hand in to unclog it and have some sort of hand injury,” Auburn Deputy Fire Chief Glenn Johnson said.

Even if the snowblower is turned off, injuries can occur. Dr. Nalbandian said a couple of years ago, he tended to a woman who lost three fingers after sticking her hand into a snowblower to unclog it.

“People turn it off and think it’s safe. But the blade that spins can store up some energy and when you relieve the obstruction, it can be released by a surge of energy. The blade spins faster than your reaction time,” the physician said. “The typical story is, ‘Something got stuck in it. I turned it off and unstuck it. Then the thing spun and caught my finger.’””

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Most new snowblowers typically come with a small shovel that can be used to remove objects and other debris. If not, a stick should work just fine. Just because the snowblower is powered off doesn’t mean that it is safe. Perhaps it might take a little while longer to clear the obstruction, however, that’s much better dealing with an unnecessary trip to the hospital.

If your snowblower is experiencing non-debris related issues, call Robbinsdale Marine at 763-533-0300. We have the expertise and parts to repair many makes and models. Visit our snowblower repair page for more information.

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