Have you done these maintenance tips before storing your lawn mower?

“Winter is upon us and use of outdoor power equipment, especially gasoline-powered lawn mowers, has greatly diminished. Proper maintenance at the end of mowing season is essential for the longevity of lawnmower engines.

Following these winter maintenance tips below will help achieve this goal:

• Change the oil before storing the mower for winter. Solids, water and acids accumulated in the oil over the summer corrode the engine.
• Before storing your gas-powered equipment for the winter, try to run the engine until it runs completely out of gas.
• Add a fuel stabilizer designed for small gas engines if you can’t remove the gasoline and run the mower for a few minutes before storing it. Fuel stabilizers normally extend the storage life of the gasoline up to six months.”

Read more tips here.

Taking a few minutes to perform various winterization maintenance tasks will go a long way to extending the lifespan of your lawnmower. The fact remains, your mower will be exposed to some pretty harsh temperatures. Couple that with an extended period of time where it is idle and it’s easy to see how problems can happen. The last thing you want is to discover that it won’t start or function properly after being dormant for months.

At Robbinsdale Marine, we’re experts at small engine repair. If your lawnmower isn’t running at optimal performance, call us at 763-533-0300 to schedule a repair. You may also visit our lawnmower repair page for more information.

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