Get the most out of your money by making this boat trailer upgrade

“Let’s face it, boats get all the love and attention. But the trailers that are responsible to get those boats to and from the water? They often don’t get more than a second glance. Spending a few dollars on trailer upgrades, however, will actually not only benefit your boat but also take some of the hassle out of launching and loading at the ramp. Here are three upgrades that offer the best bang for the buck.

1. Trailer Guide Posts

Many boaters may find loading a boat onto a submerged trailer a visual challenge, as the rear of the trailer is submerged. Guide posts provide that much needed visual, as well as help keep your boat aligned as the boat moves forward on the trailer bunks. An added benefit? Those same guide posts also make it easier to back an empty trailer down the launch ramp as they mark the sides of a trailer frame that is often below the driver’s field of vision.”

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Ensuring that you boat trailer is safe for travel and transport is of the utmost importance. While having upgrades such as trailer guide posts make life a lot easier. It’s crucial to not lose track of the integrity of the trailer itself. There are many accidents per year involving boat trailers due to structural damage or faulty wiring. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

If your boat trailer is in need of repair, call the experts at Robbinsdale Marine at 763-533-0300. Our services include trailer lighting, roller repair, and electrical wiring. Visit our boat trailer repair page for more information.

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