Evinrude’s two-stroke engine compared with competitor’s four-stroke engine

“During that August boat ride, Eckman, a project manager at Sturtevant-based Evinrude, took a visitor out on the lake in two back-to-back rides in 27-foot Bennington pontoon boats. The purpose was to demonstrate the differences between a competitor’s four-stroke outboard engine against an Evinrude two-stroke engine.”

“‘One of the things we demonstrate is the effort to steer the boat,” Eckman said, “and the Yamaha comes with standard hydraulic steering. Pushing hydraulic fluid back and forth to the engine requires a lot of effort. You would never accept this in a car of today’s vintage.’

One boat ride later, traveling the same speed as when he wiggled the Yamaha-driven boat’s steering wheel, Eckman showed how he could do the same thing with just one finger with the Evinrude behind him.”

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As a reseller of Evinrude outboard engines, we’re extremely proud of the craftsmanship they offer over competitors. Founded over 100 years ago, the company has proven time and time again just how reliable their motors are. Instead of following suit with other manufacturers and transitioning to four-stroke engines, they realized the importance of torque and steering is not something that should be compromised.

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