Don’t throw away that snow blower manual

“Q: After our first snow of the season, I got the snow blower out of the shed but the darn thing wouldn’t start. It ran fine the last time I used it, about nine months ago. Any tips or tricks to get it running again myself, or do I have to take it in for service?

A: Like all motorized equipment, snow blowers require periodic maintenance in order to operate efficiently. Yet because yours ran well when you last used it, there’s a good chance the problem is something minor that you can fix yourself. Before trying the troubleshooters below to fix a snow blower that won’t start, pull out your owner’s manual (or download a copy from the manufacturer’s website). While virtually all snow blowers feature the same components—valves, filters, gas tanks, carburetors, fuel lines, and switches—their configurations vary by brand, so the manual will help you locate and identify them. All tools required can be found in any auto-supply store if you don’t already have them on hand.”

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Robbinsdale Marine offers snow blower repair services to ensure you are ready for the season. Visit our website for more information or give us a call at 763-533-0300.

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