Crop artist uses weed wacker to create design honoring frontline workers

“A crop artist carved a bouquet of flowers and spelled out “Thank You” into a Kansas field to honor workers on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stan Herd’s creation takes up half an acre of land south of Lawrence.

“They just get up every day and go put their selves on the line,” said Herd. “I mean it’s heroic to me. So, there’s not a lot that I can do out here. I’m an artist and I do art fields and so I decided to create something for them.”

Herd’s been doing crop art for 40 years. His past works have been featured in National Geographic and on numerous national news networks.

The craft involves precise measuring and sometimes planting, followed by sculpting with a weed wacker. He hopes the message will extend far beyond the Sunflower State in this difficult time.”

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You can tell from the photo that a lot of planning and care went into the design and building of this message. Reviewing Mr. Herd’s previous work, it’s obvious there is a lot of passion for his craft. While most of us who use a weed wacker do so for lawn care and maintenance purposes, it’s nice to see others put them to creative use.

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