Concerned about water pollution? Try a four-stroke engine

“No doubt, boating can be an environmental nightmare given the spewing of petrochemicals and other pollutants into the waterways we love, and the toll it takes on marine wildlife and ecosystems. Spilling even a small amount of oil, diesel or gas can contaminate acres of water and poison shellfish beds.

But if you take proper precautions, boating doesn’t have to be so bad. According to the non-profit Oceana, being careful not to spill during refueling seems trivial but could save the life of marine wildlife nearby. And if your boat has a two-stroke outboard engine, you can do a lot better for the environment by upgrading to a newer four-stroke engine. Due to the way they’re designed, two-strokes lose up to 30 percent of their fuel right into the water, and are about a third less fuel efficient overall than newer, four-stroke counterparts.”

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There’s no denying that four-stroke engines are more efficient than their two-stroke counterparts. And while two-stroke engines are more powerful, they tend to wear out sooner and are less durable. There are pros and cons for each type of engine. If you’re unsure which one is the right fit for your boat, give us a call!

At Robbinsdale Marine, we offer a wide variety of outboard engines for sale. Visit our sales page to learn more about the brands we offer or call us at 763-533-0300.

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