Commonsense boating safety tips offered by AAA

“National Safe Boating Week runs May 21-27, 2022, and with the recent heat wave, many Western and Central New Yorkers are looking to hit area waterways. AAA Western and Central New York urges safety on the water. Just like driving a car, operating a boat is a big responsibility and should be done with the utmost caution.

Below are some safety tips to ensure a good day on the water:

√ Take boating safety instruction and get a nationally approved boating safety education certificate. Seven out of 10 boating incidents are caused by operator error.

√ Wear a life jacket – always. And make sure every passenger does so as well.

√ Don’t drink – for the same reasons you don’t drink and drive on land.

√ Check the weather before you go and keep an eye on it while you’re on the water. Weather can go from delightful to dangerous abruptly. So, stay safe and get off the water quickly if you see bad weather approaching.”

Check out more boating safety tips here.

The above tips might seem fairly obvious but they can not be understated. Whether you’re going out boating alone or with friends always make sure you have an emergency kit onboard too. This should include first aid supplies, a flash light, fire extinguisher among other things.

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