Common weed whacker questions and answers

What should you trim?

If you are a homeowner looking for basic trimming needs along driveways, around trees and bushes and along landscaping edging, then a thinner round trimmer line will probably suffice. But if you plan on taking on weeds or hacking down a section of thick underbrush, you will probably want to look at different thicknesses and shapes of trimmer lines.

What kind of trimmer do you need?

Some trimmers come with interchangeable heads that can use different styles and thicknesses of trimmer line, depending on what you plan to trim. Other trimmers have only one head, so you will need to make sure that the trimmer line you are using fits properly; otherwise, you will find the trimmer line frequently jamming or breaking.

How often should you trim?

Some people trim every time they mow their yard, while others trim occasionally when grass and weeds start to get noticeable from a distance. Still, others might wait until things are out of control.”

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Weed whackers with string trimmer attachments are great for areas with not a lot of brush. However, if there is brush that consists heavily of wood and thick vegetation a blade attachment might be ideal. Some weed whackers have the option to switch out attachments for such occasions. Of course, changing from string to a blade makes the task more dangerous and extreme caution is necessary.

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