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Toro unveils new line of snow blowers for large lots

Sunday, 27 September 2020 09:31
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“The new POWER TRX HD Snow Blowers from Toro are ideal for large lots and driveways and designed with improved power steering capabilities and stability. The 28” POWER TRX HD commercial snow blower has a wide 28” clearing width, and the 32” POWER TRX HD commercial snow blower covers still more territory with a 32” Continue Reading...

Preparing your outboard engine for winterization

Saturday, 26 September 2020 09:02
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Outboard Engine Winterization
“It’s important that you winterize your outboard for off-season storage. By winterizing your outboard, you’ll help ensure that your outboard is ready when you’re ready to go fishing next spring. Step 1: You’ll want to flush your engine with clean, fresh water and let the water completely drain from the engine, washing any dirt, grease, Continue Reading...

Maintaining your boat trailer for stress-free towing

Saturday, 22 August 2020 11:46
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boat trailer rollers
“State troopers often encounter motorists pulling trailers that are experiencing breakdowns. Most often it involves a flat tire or trailer wheel bearing. Basic trailer maintenance involves greasing the wheel bearings. Wheel bearing failure can occur when maintenance is neglected. A trailer’s wheel bearings are often neglected because they are out of sight. A loose, worn Continue Reading...

Man gets DUI when driving riding lawnmower on highway

Thursday, 13 August 2020 11:02
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“A drunken Florida man with three previous DUI convictions was arrested while driving a riding lawnmower in the middle of a highway, authorities said. Paul Burke, of Fort McCoy, was busted Wednesday on west Highway 316 in Marion County, where he was traveling far slower than the posted 55-mph speed limit, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Continue Reading...

Troubleshooting tips for small engine repair

Sunday, 26 July 2020 14:23
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Small Engine Repair
“Determine why your small engine won’t start by checking your fuel levels, spark plug, carburetor, valve & compression levels and more. Follow along to troubleshoot and learn when it’s best to service your engine. Is your fuel fresh? Stale, untreated gas begins to break down after about a month. Drain the gas from your lawn Continue Reading...