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Understanding torque vs. horsepower for outboard engines

Saturday, 23 July 2022 11:57
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Torque & Horsepower Outboard Engine
“You almost certainly know the horsepower rating or displacement of your boat’s engine. But some marine-engine manufacturers have begun marketing torque over horsepower. Torque is a measure of force, usually expressed in weight times distance. Hang a 10-pound weight from the end of a 5-foot-long horizontal lever and you have created 50 pound-feet (10 x Continue Reading...

Weed whip recommended maintenance tips

Thursday, 7 July 2022 12:13
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Weed Whipper
“Step 1: Clean and Inspect the Trimmer Clean the string trimmer to keep it performing well. Dust, grime and caked-on grass clippings build up on the debris shield and trimmer head and can lead to inefficiency and possible malfunction if not cleaned. Wipe the trimmer parts down with a rag after use and before storing Continue Reading...