Can electric snowblowers compete with gas-powered snowblowers?

“Modern electric snow blowers (and similar contraptions, such as electric lawn mowers) typically work off battery packs that you recharge separately and slide into slots when you are set to get workin’.

Though gas-powered snow blowers will typically go farther on a single tank than electric blowers do on a single charge, you can keep additional charged batteries on standby to boost your range.


The maker of this model claims it is “the only cordless snow blower that’s as powerful as gas.” This is a squishy claim given the wide range of gas blowers on the market, but it is accurate in one sense: The Ego Power+ makes short work of accumulated snow that is up to one foot high.

That is largely due to its robust 56-volt batteries. I have been using the top-end 7.5Ah version of the battery, which packs more of a punch than lesser Ego packs. The mower has slots for two of the batteries, giving me enough power to effortlessly clear my own property along with sidewalks in a one-block radius, or more. The batteries replenish quickly via Ego’s upright Power+ Rapid Charger.”

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Based on the author’s review, it certainly seems that this particular model of an electric snowblower is adequate for clearing small to mid-sized snow removal jobs. While it can handle a sidewalk and perhaps your driveway, it probably doesn’t have the longevity that a gas-powered snowblower provides. The price of these electric models shouldn’t be overlooked either as they aren’t cheap by any means.

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