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Comparing electric and gas powered outboard engines

Tuesday, 24 August 2021 08:24
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Outboard Motor
“Recently there has been an opening in the market for outboard motors powered by electricity instead of gas. A couple of companies have started creating outboards mostly with small horsepower ratings. Although, there are a couple of new ones coming out that have over 70 horsepower. But the real question is, is the gas or Continue Reading...

The most reported boat trailer issues in the U.S.

Friday, 6 August 2021 08:04
Posted by
Boat Trailer
“BoatUS reports the No. 1 reason (44%) BoatUS members requested roadside assistance was for trailer tire troubles, including owners who failed to carry a spare tire. Low tire pressure is the leading cause of a trailer tire’s early demise, so check the pressure often, and never leave home without a serviceable spare. (Don’t forget to Continue Reading...

Understanding the components of an outboard engine

Sunday, 11 July 2021 09:03
Posted by
aux outboard motor
“Outboard Engine Cowl The outboard cowl or hood protects the powerhead and its components from immersion. A rubberized gasket around the base of the cowl and compression latches seal out water. Outboard Engine Powerhead Under the cowl is the powerhead — the engine and its components, such as the electronic fuel-injection system, electronic control module, Continue Reading...

Outboard engine sales soar during pandemic in 2020

Tuesday, 22 June 2021 08:22
Posted by
Outboard Engine Sales
“Over 330,000 new outboards found their way to customers in 2020, accounting for the highest sales volume in 20 years, and an increase of 18% over 2019. “The heightened interest in boating amid the COVID-19 pandemic helped to propel outboard engine sales to historic levels last year as more Americans took to the water, on Continue Reading...

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