A lawnmower engine in a pickup truck? Yup someone did that

“The Dodge had apparently been sitting in the young wrencher’s friend’s yard for a while, so the friend just gave it away. Carson Duba decided to have some fun with it, stripping out the old motor, leaving not much more than the steering intermediate shaft and brake master cylinder. He then built a platform that ties into the original engine mounts, and that carries the single-cylinder engine.

That engine, which can slide on the platform thanks to slotted holes, has a centrifugal clutch on its output shaft, which sends power to a five-speed manual transmission via a sprocket and a chain. To get a 60-tooth sprocket on the transmission end, the YouTuber welded a shaft to the transmission input shaft (unsurprisingly, it was difficult to weld it perfectly straight), and then made a bracket so that the shaft could ride on a bearing (this bracket ties into a custom mount that holds up the front of the transmission). The big sprocket sits on the end of that shaft, and the tension of its chain is set by sliding the motor along the slotted holes in the platform.”

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What’s amazing is that the young man who performed this project was able to get the truck up to 20 mph. Obviously, this isn’t a practical thing to do for an actual engine replacement. However, he deserves some credit for ambition and ingenuity. It sure seems it took a lot of work to mount the engine!

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